Kolega z Danii Karsten OZ4FF.

oz4ff denmark

Karsten Tranberg, OZ4FF z Roenne w Danii. Był bardzo aktywnym DX-manem, pracował w wielu zawodach.

Urodził się 11 czerwca 1939, licencję otrzymał 11 czerwca 1957. Karsten był członkiem TRC#006 OZ, PZK-OT-22, FOC#1713, HSC#243, CWJF#548.

Na jeden ze zlotów OT 22 w Darłowie Karsten przyjechał z żoną. Zawiązała się przyjaźń z kolegami OT22. Efektem tej przyjaźni było członkowstwo Karstena w OT22 i PZK. Był związany z nami do śmierci w grudniu 2020r. Pracował pod polskim znakiem SQ4F.




Wiadomość do mnie w oryginale.  

From: OZ4FF - 5P4F - Karsten
Sent: Monday, February 17, 2020 6:41 PM
To: sq2nia
Cc: carsten gjessing
Subject: info

Here a little about how it all startet. – On 144mhz we here heard sp1mah very often. and we thought maybe a good idea to visit SP. in those dayes visa was necessary so we got it. Our grandson has a pilot certificate and could use a 7 persons private aeroplane, we asked for permission to land in the military airport, NO . then one kind person from SP working for Bornholm trade, wrote to Warsaw, and we got permission to land, got all plans and escortet by several MIG flights, very good service. when we arrived they said VERY Welcome you are the first flight from west that has landed here, congratulations. As president for our badmintonclub we had seen an invitation from MOTUS to participate in a tournament, so we talked about it and later came for the tournament. that time we stayed with sp1mah (ARMET) very nice stay, and of-course they also came here – several 1nqn 1nqf 1rkv Roman (forgot call) and of-course Eugeniusz and Daniella. – persons in control tower was best for polish and russian, so a flight controller came from Gdansk, and passport police from Kolobrzeg , such positive things one never forget. – we also visited Bagiz , sorry we did not buy a ground there close to the Baltic Sea. About the flight controller from Gdansk, – he made good realationship to aeroclub Gdansk, so they came here when our badmintonclub had anniversary, – fantastic . – maybe you know hotel Newskanpol in Kolobrzeg, its a danish company that own it. easy to get from Bornholm to Kolobrzeg Katamaran ferry 4,5 hours and then taxi 8 pln, and then zubrowka bison grass krewetka czosnek mazlo.TallerkenMartiniglas and dobra noc—will write more tomorrow, think this will be enough for translation
73 oz4ff

Karsten Tranberg
Drosselvangen 11
DK-3700 Rønne